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By Loraine de Zara

Opportunities in the face of the pandemic

There is no manual for living in the face of a pandemic, but one of the key aspects is allowing yourself to be open to the possibility that at any moment the opportunity may arise to change your daily approach.

04/11/2020 -

The importance of your Real Estate Advisor

If it is about reinventing itself, the real estate sector takes the cake and more in these moments of so much uncertainty. Acting as a real estate advisor does not require any special requirement since June 2018 when a new Decree Law is approved, allowing anyone to get down to work, but how important is the figure of the Real Estate advisor?

15/10/2020 -

New property search criteria

This period of confinement that we have passed through Covid 19 has made us realize what we really need in our home. We have gone from using it perhaps more late in the day, since our lifestyle makes us spend more time outside, either for work or also for leisure, to spending the whole day at home.

21/09/2020 -

Vacation time and investments

Even in such uncertain moments in which we find ourselves, Marbella continues to be a privileged place to enjoy its sun, beaches and leisure places, as well as its variety of International gastronomy. 

01/09/2020 -

Rent today

One of the consequences that we are currently experiencing due to the situation we are experiencing as a result of Covid-19 is the stagnation or “stop” in tourist rentals, due to the insecurity that this pandemic has generated in foreign and national tourists.

05/08/2020 -

Building to rent

While Covid 19 keeps on among us according to expert sources in economics building to buy is the fastest growing real estate business model in this health crisis because rental is gaining weight on the sale and purchase since 95% of the offer is in the hands of the small owner.

14/07/2020 -