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By Loraine de Zara

Ongoing initiatives making Marbella even better

Local news outlets continue to report on positive initiatives relating to both infrastructure improvements for Marbella and the overall tourist industry in the area. The resort town is thriving and is certainly benefiting from the many community projects being undertaken by council authorities and the resources applied to further boost tourism.

11/02/2019 -

Living in El Rosario and Bahía de Marbella

Marbella East is renowned for its beaches, its great restaurants and the numerous green zones that make it feel greener and less built up than other parts of the Costa del Sol. One of the most desirable places to live in this area is El Rosario.

04/02/2019 -

A villa in Marbella

Mention a ‘villa in Marbella’ and people will automatically picture the residential suburbs that extend along the coast and inland following golf courses. This is indeed where most villas in the area are located, and where most people – foreign homebuyers in particular – own such homes and look for them. However, it might surprise you to know that there are also villas located within the area that is considered to be part of the town of Marbella – the heart of this famous residential and resort zone.

11/01/2019 -

A Marbella winter full of stunning views

People love Marbella for its summer sunshine scene, but one of the other great advantages of a climate like this is the fact that it enables residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors for most of the year. A little rain does fall dispersed between autumn and spring, but even in winter temperatures in Marbella are wonderfully mild and sunny days abundant, making it possible to play sports, go for energising walks and hikes, enjoy café society and socialise at will.

14/12/2018 -

The rising allure of San Pedro Alcántara

For a long time, San Pedro Alcántara was a charming little town within ten minutes of Marbella that retained an authentic Andalusian feel about it. The areas around it have long been home to luxurious resorts and residential developments dissected by the lush greenery of golf courses, but it is fair to say that San Pedro is growing ever more popular among residents and homebuyers alike.

11/12/2018 -

A magical family Christmas in Marbella

There may be more sunshine and less frost in Marbella than you see in most traditional Christmas landscape scenery, but there’s plenty of sparkle and spirit to enjoy here at this time of year. The Costa del Sol is the perfect place to spend the holiday as it combines Spanish traditions with customs from the foreign expatriate communities that live here, creating a wonderful mix of festive fun.

03/12/2018 -